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Reaching Your Fundraising Goal

Before you begin ...

Remember that you are not asking for people to just donate ... you are asking for support of you and pediatric cancer research and emergency service support for cancer patients– two causes that likely touched your life or someone you know. There are many different ways to succeed with fundraising, and you will find yourself pleasantly surprised with the people and corporations that are willing to support you and pediatric cancer research.

First: Tell Your Story –
Let people know why you are participating in this event and raising support and awareness for pediatric cancer research – whether it is for yourself, a loved one, or one of Tony Cruz's Riders. You can share as much or as little as you want, but be honest. How has pediatric cancer affected you, your family, your colleague, or your friend?

Second: Announce Your Goal –
Whether it is a $100 goal or a $10,000 goal – make sure you let your ambitious goal and passion to make a difference shine. (People may be more likely to donate more to help you reach it).

Third: Be Your First –
One of the biggest way you can show your true devotion to support pediatric cancer research is to donate yourself. How can people say no to supporting you, when you are already investing yourself?

Fourth: Scream it from ... Social Media
The easiest way to get the word out there about your fundraising efforts is to keep your friends and network updated using all of your social media platforms. Post weekly updates on your progress on Facebook and Twitter linking back to your fundraising page. Setting up mini fundraising goals could also help. For example: "Will reach mile 55 in my training this week ... help me reach $550 in donations by Friday this week to help mark this milestone"

Fifth: Don't Be Afraid –
People get busy and forget, so don't be afraid to send out reminders to your friends, family, and co-workers to donate to your page and help reach your goal. Let them know how many days are left until you reach your fundraising finish line and also throw in your progress on your actual training.

Lastly: Celebrate –
Any amount is worth celebrating – because you are helping children and families fight this life threatening disease.  Remember, every dollar makes a difference!